XJ – Jaguar’s finest.

I’m a new addition and contributor to this blog. Call me Ronnie Retro. Having worked in the fashion industry for 10 years now my obsession is brand DNA, brand identity and brand reputation. Design is only a small part of the fashion (and automotive) business. In my job I always end up asking “but is it COOL?”


First post is this comparison of the current XJ and the original. The new car may look avant garde and unrelated to historic Jaguars at first glance but closer analysis shows the designers have done their homework and paid their homage. They balanced this beautifully with the need to create something fresh, modern and striking. The current XJ looks the business, especially in black and slinking through London in long-wheelbase guise. Mercs and BM’s pale into insignificance next to it (somehow looking way too mafia or corporate) and only a Rolls can outshine it at red carpet events. As for Maybach… the less said the better. Well done Jaguar. This car has single handedly answered a big fat yes to my first question. It’s COOL.


5 responses to “XJ – Jaguar’s finest.”

  1. LOVE Paganis for the design. Thanks for this.


    1. these are not Paganis…..?!


  2. I don’t see the correlations you infer with the yellow lines. The only historical reference I see is the grill shape, the short front overhang balanced with an extended rear overhang, and the upright tail lamps. The c-pillar kink is lost, as is the aggressive forward lean of the nose, and the tapered, pinched tail section..


    1. I’ll comment for my contributor…. I think the lines for the small vertical rear lights correlate well, and the point made about the c-pillar is how narrow it is. It being LOST is exactly the point, unlike for example a Passat’s huge C-pillar for example. There is a c-pillar kink on the original XJ, and that has been echoed in the brightwork of the new 3/4 window. Finally, the rear deck lid has a small lip, which is also apparent on the original. One aspect perhaps lost as you say, are the headlights, which are raked on the modern car for aerodynamic and pedestrian safety reasons (and style!). The point being made is that the new XJ is a modern design, not a retro remake of the original, but it still manages to pay homage. A perfect execution of what any modern car designer should be adept at achieving!


  3. Welcome to the blog, great to have another expert contributor. Agree 100%, I love the XJ, one of the best cars money can buy and definitely very cool.


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