I think I may have mentioned this before, a long time ago on this blog but here goes again. Parked up near this old Peugeot 407 estate here, designed in house by Peugeot but seemingly carelessly regarding final a-class surfacing (as its known to CAD people). Nasty pinch effect on the c-pillar surface can be seen in this image.


Wow, Peugeot really have lost their design elegance in recent years- this thing is a 3008 I think and boy is it hideous! Thankfully the chief designer to blame for this has finally retired. In my opinion Gerrad Welter really dragged Peugeot design down with his dogged reliance on the feline eye shaped lights and the resulting overly aggressive front ends. I worked my internship under Welter and his aesthetic taste was dubious to say the least! We’ve already seen that a new elegant direction is emerging immediately after his departure.