another extreme GT Vision – Chaparral 2X

This time GM Advanced Design studio in LA have really gone wild thanks to their designer Charles LeFranc and his Chaparral 2X design inspired by flying suits. Very nice indeed! Launched at the studio’s local LA Auto Show.


automotive culture in games

Can anyone see a difference between these trailers? The first two in particular.

Photorealism and the technology of car simulation has almost reached perfection, right? So what exactly is the difference between these products, other than being on rival platforms? Racing games gave me my early career, it was an exciting time to be involved with the strides towards realism in imagery and creation (process). The industry expanded (and now contracted) over the last 15 years in the UK particularly. The aim, post Gran Turismo, was to serve the automotive addicts, the petrolheads of the world. Ultimately even more than this was achieved. New car addicted generations were born of gamers. Millions grew up knowing what an AE86 was, or R31. Thanks to that one game, and those that followed. Locations that gamers thought were created for their game, were real. Gamers learned skills that crossed over to the real world, and became racing drivers! The goal was always realism and photorealism, right? I recall thinking that had been achieved way back in 1997…, with GT. It was not about the poor graphics, it was about 3 dimensions, and the way the cars moved. The way they responded, handled, and drove. The industry is close to reaching the visuals that back up the physical simulation. What next though? Polyphony are onto something, with their design concepts. Manufacturers testing new styling ideas within a virtual world. A lot cheaper than making a mistake in the real world.


Aston Martin DP- 100 Vision Gran Turismo concept

Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo concept

Video game car design, merges into real world car design… blurred lines between them. I always knew this would happen. My Masters thesis looked at the future of virtual vehicles back in 2000.

This process can work both ways too! As seen when Rockstar commissioned this car.

I was always promised one of my own Burnout car designs would make it to real life- but only one rear end ever got built (of the Revenge Racer), to be displayed crashing into a wall. Should try to find the image I was sent of that.

Nissan are old hands at getting involved with Gran Turismo games, and they also revealed a stunning concept car at Goodwood this week. Freedom from production constraints and costs can let designers really fly with their pencils!

Nissan GT-R 2020 Vision Gran Turismo