another extreme GT Vision – Chaparral 2X

This time GM Advanced Design studio in┬áLA have really gone wild thanks to their designer Charles LeFranc and his Chaparral 2X design inspired by flying suits. Very nice indeed! Launched at the studio’s local LA Auto Show.

kit cars

kit cars are the future Interesting article about VWs modular MQB system of parts sharing, and how others like GM are failing to believe in it.

GM seeded apples….

Here’s a really interesting article written about GM’s history and it’s invention of car styling and marketing as we know it, linking it to the current design-led dominance of Apple. The similarities are clear, especially the annual new product releases as “events”. Steve Jobs also mentions this influence in his biography, when asked about which other companies are as closely integrated in terms of engineering and design (styling) and create and control all aspects of their products very carefully, he replies “auto manufacturers”. Link below.

How the iPhone got tail fins: Lessons Apple learned from GM

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sad saab

This is so pathetic. I saw this imported Saab 9-7 in Oulu hospital car park. It is so clearly the embodiment of exactly how GM ruined the wonderful brand of Saab. Not only does it look cheap (it is cheap) and ugly, it is possibly the least aerodynamic Saab ever made. To complete the trashing of everything Saab stands for- it has a giant 5.7litre V8 engine that as far as I know, isn’t even turbocharged. GM really seemed to try very hard to kill Saab, but they failed. Let’s hope future Saabs can escape this kind of dead-end Detriot dinosaur thinking now the company is free, and return to true Saab values!

Saab 97 5.7l V8!!