Engineering vs styling… 

Here is the new Gumpert Apollo Arrow…. which is one of the most perfect examples of why you should always hire a good car stylist to design your new car! Compared to the original Apollo, it has the same function, but improved styling. That is car design.

first Geneva report

Welcome to our first write up of the Geneva Motor Show 2013, which one of our reporters visited in person! That wasn’t me, so this a 3rd hand report… and our same contributor (ronnieretro) was in charge of photography. It seems the curiously named (unless you are Italian of course) La Ferrari was so mesmerisingly gorgeous in real life, our on the spot reporter really struggled to even focus his camera properly! News is, that yes- this is a spectacularly well designed, beautifully proportioned vehicle which will leave any petrolhead weak at the knees. I’ve included a montage of the blurry-cam images I’ve been given. 

The good news is, not all the photos our reporter took at the show were this bad, and we will share those with you when we get the time to write about them. Meanwhile here is the star of the show… sort of! 


Geneva 2012 gets “bangled”

The legend speaks! Chris Bangle- former head of BMW design (the last guy to really change car design paradigms, introducing elaborate surface entertainment) let’s us know what he thinks about the recent Geneva Motor Show. I’m predictably with Chris here, some nice designs, nothing radical (except that insane and ugly Toyota FT-Bh concept he mentions) and some very safe me-too production designs from major brands.

Bangle on Geneva 2012 from Scuderia Zagreb on Vimeo.