BMW iX Sketch vs Production.

BMW iX sketch vs production
BMW iX crossover- and it’s design sketch.

Remember when designers had to draw a side view over a package? The actual production vehicle package? It seems designers no longer do this. Obviously at sketch phase, character is key- but eventually… surely…. one MUST draw the same design over a package? This is what I was taught, but I guess design schools stopped, so design studios stopped? A production car being a disappointment compared to a concept car is nothing new, but these sketches are FOR the production car!! Roof height is a typical “cheat” when sketching and even making a scale mode, but the overhangs? The overhangs are completely different on the production car and I cannot understand who is sketching different overhangs – then just accepting whatever overhangs the production team create.

car design fraud

By the time you read this maybe this car has actually been launched, or maybe not. I suspect not. It’s vapor in my opinion, which will never be put into production (mostly because it can’t be engineered as it is). The design is a mess, poorly photoshopped together based on other mid-engined designs (Bugatti) and the packaging has been ignored in terms of driver/passengers visibility. This design could work perhaps, with some tweaks and development carried out by a trained designer (please speculators, hire professional car designers!). I couldn’t resist very quickly showing a few form tweaks that improve the design instantly. See my hastily hacked together GIFs below. The proximity to April 1st launch date is the biggest clue on this however…. so let’s see in a few days if it was all a hoax. Oh and this is how to design a proper hypercar.

Lyons LM2 Streamliner Corrected

Lyons LM2 Streamliner Corrected 2

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edit: So the New York show has been and gone, and this car did not of course appear. Meanwhile, here’s a scruffy mechanic in a shed- who has bashed together a supercar. Styling was “a little bit ‘o this, and a little bit ‘o that” in the mans own words!

audi vs austin

Currently, the world of car design is being wowed by the concepts and cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. So far, I’m really very excited by the new Ferrari LaFerrari, it’s simply stunning. Other highlights are the VW XL1, and the concepts from ItalDesign and Pininfarina. We also have one of the blog contributors heading to the show this week, so perhaps we should wait for first hand reports to be written? I’ll add a post about my favourite cars too…. anyway, back on topic, I saw an Audi A1 sportback today in the city where I live. It is horrible, a little runt of a car, for people who want a proper Audi but are poor. I really don’t understand the level of downsizing that Audi do with the same design… why not just push the Polo, or VW Up? The money goes to the same company! What struck me though, about the A1, was it’s similarity to one of the most disliked cars in history- the Austin Allegro! Could the A1 be the nail in Audi’s brand coffin? A step too far that topples the company from “must have” cool, to just another ubiquitous car maker…

I googled, and made these quick comparison images. I used Audi’s own car configuration website to create the images of A1s. Buyers are able to specify a two-tone colour scheme, with black roof, exactly like the vinyl roof on the Allegro.ImageImage