another extreme GT Vision – Chaparral 2X

This time GM Advanced Design studio in LA have really gone wild thanks to their designer Charles LeFranc and his Chaparral 2X design inspired by flying suits. Very nice indeed! Launched at the studio’s local LA Auto Show.

Hyundai design process

Very in depth look into the design process within Hyundai North America design studio. A simulation of events that probably mostly occurred, this shows the way designers must internally compete, then swallow their pride and work together on the winning solution. I suspect more designers initially competed, potentially across global Hyundai studios even. Note the chosen design- from quite a loose sketch. The skill of the clay modeller is also very evident in this video. 


991 Targa

The original retro design, goes retro.

No idea why anyone would be shocked by this, as the 911 has been essentially a retro design since the 80’s. Same shape for 50 years! This one is really very nice indeed.


toyota FT-1 concept conception

secret Porsche

All car manufacturers work very hard on engineering new products, and of course Porsche are one of the leading engineering houses in the world. Most of what goes on never gets seen by the public, and even Porsche’s new museum can’t hold all the interesting vehicles that reside in their archives. Porsche have started this amazing series of videos to show more from behind the scenes or their public displays. Watch out for the 1984 Boxster concept… (part 2). 

Mr Horbury to you

Here’s a nice interview with a heavyweight of global car design. He created the current look of Volvo, and lead other even larger brands such as Ford US. Now back in charge at Volvo via Geely of China, lets hear him make some stuff up about car “faces”, which I’ve talked about myself elsewhere on this blog.

Geneva 2012 gets “bangled”

The legend speaks! Chris Bangle- former head of BMW design (the last guy to really change car design paradigms, introducing elaborate surface entertainment) let’s us know what he thinks about the recent Geneva Motor Show. I’m predictably with Chris here, some nice designs, nothing radical (except that insane and ugly Toyota FT-Bh concept he mentions) and some very safe me-too production designs from major brands.

Bangle on Geneva 2012 from Scuderia Zagreb on Vimeo.

inspirations & icons: the birth of the jaguar C-X75

Lovely video here of a stunning concept car