Lexus LS analysis

Well this debate began over on Twitter, with some other working car designers being quite vocal on how bad this new Lexus LS design is. I think it has problems, but I am willing to accept some progressive experimentation. Lexus in particular has been heavily experimenting in various styling and surfacing ideas, some good some bad. The LC coupe is particularly nice, but has gone through many iterations and concept cars to come out the other side. It still has some odd design details, but for a sportscar it is important to grab the viewers attention. The LS on the other hand, is intended as an executive model, with luxury in mind. It has traditionally appeared as quite a conservative design. The surfaces and design ideas are chaotic and a little messy, which is something designers have noted. The strangest thing is the proportions, with a great emphasis on cab-backward proportions. It is almost unique in the way that the peak of the side DLO is in the middle of the rear door. Similarities to other sedans (saloons) were noted, and similarity in supposed “bad” design. The new Civic sedan is something that I am not impressed by, for example. The most similar proportionally, and a possible clue to Toyotas intended rival and benchmark design, is the Tesla Model S. I decided to put together an image comparing lots of current sedans on sale now. Looking for that strange proportion (which must give great rear passenger headroom?). Maserati Ghibli seems a good candidate. Lexus LS-side-profileplusothers@0,75x




4 responses to “Lexus LS analysis”

  1. I am not here to give critics on the design so its just my thoughts.

    Design is unique but bit complex also that’s must be the reason for all the critics . My thought on front grill needs to be simplified and headlights can be maintained same shape in the fixture. Now it looks like sharp boomrang placed in the bottom. Shoulder line and trunk lead looks superb. Tail lamps has crome triangle on the bottom side which looks like vampire teeth and due to sharp shapes car gives dark feel. As luxury segments car, headroom needs to improvise because customer will not like if the roof is very close to his head. Hard to make any suggestion on this because it needs to be measure ergonomically from inside.


  2. thanks for the post. very interesting. hope to read such posts more often


  3. Hi, I agree with your comments to some extent that the design is a little messy and I don’t think I like it much, although I own a 2014 Lexus IS350 and it somehow shares some of the touches from the front grill with her big sister the LS, but iam not still a big fan of the back for both. Yet I can see the design philosophy of Lexus where they want to break the rules and make their cars “less boring” if I can say. Iam also interested to hear your views on the interior :)


  4. It reminds me a lot of Volvo S90


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