Pint sized Paris 

Sadly I have not visited a motor show myself for many years, and Paris 2016 is no exception. I have of course been closely following coverage. The French are truly stealing the show, with the Renault Trezor concept an outstanding example of showmanship and the Citroen C3 proving to be the production car highlight of the show. The Germans seem a bit lost, especially Audi. Reveling in their tiny advances in production techniques (see an earlier post) is not something the public can appreciate easily (Apple have similar issues) and the visual language seems to be moving backwards. Skoda now appear to make and design better Audis than Audi. So this post is titled because of the small cars that are making big news at this show, one of which was underwhelming! The Volkswagen I.D. Concept is a little bland and ordinary, but such is the way at the conservative manufacturer of the Golf. Compared to sticking with their 1974 template, the I.D. concept was clean and smooth and tidy, but uninspiring. Three newly launched production cars impressed. The Opel Ampera-e is a very tidy little electric car design, with outstanding technical features. The Nissan Micra has suddenly been dragged into fashion with Infiniti brand-esque curves and swooping surfaces, a real shock! Finally the Citroen C3 takes cues from the outstanding Cactus C4, with its air bumps and urban utitily chic. So Parisien! I include these rear end comparisons though….. just look at that lower bumper area. The Opel seems to have parts stuck to it from a 1994 Corsa. Why? What are these multiple extra (cheap) lights for? Is this US regulations? It’s also sold as a Chevrolet. The rear ends of Micra and C3 are minimalist and quite wonderful in comparison. 

Please note! Photos are not mine…. thanks to Autoblog, and AutoExpress 


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  2. Just loved the designs of the cars, nice information. Keep sharing


  3. Quite interesting information. thanks for sharing


  4. I have genuinely got the same thoughts on everything 😂 The C3 was my star of the show and the ID concept was so terrible and bland!


  5. Thanks- I forget that one. So Micra and C3 are not on the tailgate. Why didn’t Opel do similar? Also- why do the bumper lamps looks so cheap and old fashioned? I suspect they are ancient parts (to save costs).


  6. Agree with most of what you’ve written. Ampera-e lamps in bumper are there for when the hatch is open. It’s to meet EU regs, not US.

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