car design process sketches

I created this image board quickly to explain the design process to my students (vehicle design students, who are currently aiming for stage 3). Using excellent press released images of the CX-17 concept design, from the Jaguar design studio, we can see the stages of sketch and design development quite clearly. These are genuine drawings from before the car was created in 3 dimensions. Often released design renderings are created in post, from photography of the clay or even final production 3D models. Many thanks to Jaguar Design for making these available. 

Yes.. I know that the CX-17 was a “concept” car, but the F-Pace production version is unlikely to differ much from this image.


3 responses to “car design process sketches”

  1. Between stages 2 and 3 they will use CAD sketch models (not final design) built in Maya or Alias Autostudio, and they will also create 1:5 scale clay models. The same process happens between 3 and 4, but with more accurate and detailed CAD (using Alias Autostudio) and 1:1 scale clay models. Then finally Alias CAD data is improved using IcemSurf for production tooling of panels. Interior is a similar process.


  2. Are they using a 3d cad program or just photoshop to get from sketch to visuals you see in 3. and 4. ?


    1. Sometimes- to save time there is minimal CAD used between stages 2 and 3, but CAD and “hand” work is used in a truly back and forth iterative process in vehicle design.


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