My personal view, expressed elsewhere on this blog- is that the Mac F1 is the finest example of automotive design so far in history. This is a nice little article by someone who was actually there at it’s launch in 1992.

Simanaitis Says

PRESS INTRODUCTIONS of exotic cars are, by their very nature, special events. And, without a doubt, the most exciting one I ever attended was the 1992 introduction of the McLaren F1. The setting was glamorous, The Sporting Club at Monaco. The timing was perfect, the evening of Thursday, May 28, the week of the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix (destined to be won by Ayrton Senna in a McLaren-Honda).

mMcLaren F1 press kit, text by Doug Nye, photography by Colin Curwood and Steve Garforth, historical photography by Dave Friedman, CTD Printers, 1992.

The press information for the McLaren F1 is a bibliophile’s delight. It’s understated, yet oversize (11 3/4 in. x 11 3/4 in.), 72 pages of articulate commentary and artful photography. Early on, Technical Director Gordon Murray states McLaren’s goal succinctly: “Our main objective has been to create the purest driver’s car, a new beginning, a design which simply re-writes…

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