New MX-5

Mazda really did a good job of launching a great new MX-5 Miata design today. Like a mini Jaguar F-Type it’s got style that goes beyond it’s low price tag. Always a winning formula but…. I have issues with the surfacing. Another busy modern car design, against my naturally classical preferences. This odd rising rear shoulder feature is not so successful for me. It comes close to that door handle, and why is it even there? Is it something related to the upcoming Fiat twin with this car? Or simply Mazda designers being bolder and more playful than I would dare to be myself?



5 responses to “New MX-5”

  1. You’re not kidding about the hood dropping a little too much. Almost looks like they had to meet some length and height constraints at the expense of a good angle.


  2. The side profile of the Mazda is perfect, but what I am not fond of are the headlights and the taillights. The Miata is a paragon of simplicity and I feel like with the headlights and taillights Mazda tried to be fashionable and edgy instead of adhering to the simplicity of the previous Miatas. The interior looks fantastic however.


  3. Agreed it’s challenging, but in the metal might be better. Not keen on the height of the hood dropping so aggressively, it looks as if the car’s been in a shunt. Interior is impressive though..


  4. Not fond of this redesign at all. Maybe it will look better in the metal, but it looks like a backward step from the exceptionally neat homage to the Elan that was the previous model. The lights look wrong and I don’t like the droopy nose much. The rear haunches look pretty good though.


    1. It’s got people talking- which, for a car that last caused a stir in 1990, is good PR result for Mazda.


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