Saw this at our local Citroen dealer- wonderful design. The interior is even better, Citroen are on top form with this. An expensive car but I’d buy it- a black one in the showroom looked simply stunning.


2 responses to “DS5”

  1. While I agree that it is a creative design, I believe that with the small rear and side cargo windows and large interior black out pillar areas, the rear vision must be terrible, making parking or backing up a treacherous situation. .


    1. Well, you’ve really picked up on something extremely common with all new cars. Total disregard for driver visibility. The germans led the way with this of course, with tiny side windows to create more and more heavy looking cars, with more metal than glass. It is also a hallmark of sporty design, and this is something that seems to be applied to every car in every segment.


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