An Evo experience.


Hello again. Another guest blog from me Ronnieretro.

January saw a very surreal experience for myself. Now have you heard of this Evo magazine? I have read and later subscribed to this outstanding petrol head magazine for many many years. I read it most evenings before turning in for the night. It is, in a word, brilliant. I have read fantastic articles about every performance car you can imagine. In 2010 it led me to draw up a shortlist. A special shortlist as I was in the position to buy one of these ‘dream’ cars. I took the plunge and became the proud owner of a 1997 Porsche 996 Carrera. What a car. Simply awesome. It really did answer all my dreams.

Fast forward to Jan 2012, and following Evo on Twitter I see a plea. A plea for owners to come forward. The cars? Honda NSX, Maserati, a TVR and 996 911s. I replied and heard nothing for a few weeks. Until one Friday. “Hi this is Peter Tomalin from Evo, can we borrow your car? For the day? Tomorrow?”. Wow! To say I leapt at the opportunity would be an understatement.

So that Saturday morning the journalist David Vivian arrives on my doorstep. I had got up at 7am to clean my car (in the dark) but even in my hazy state I recognised him straight away. David didn’t offer any ID, no reassurance of insurance (to be fair Peter had done this on Friday) merely a stiff handshake, a polite British hello and a few questions about the health and history of the car. My car. After putting his Suzuki UK lent Swift Sport on my drive I handed the keys over to David… my keys… and with the words “Look after my baby” off he went.

I should add at this point I had planned to be away for the weekend, at a hotel, so couldn’t join David on the jaunt. I couldn’t even be there that night to see what damage he had done to my car. The plan was for him to return it and put the keys through my letterbox. For my collection Sunday evening. The hotel was great, the weekend amazing, but I didn’t sleep very well!

Alas the rest of this story resides in the article. I urge you to read it. Even though David only had my car for 12 hours he got every word, every detail, every feeling about this wonderful vehicle absolutely spot on. And yes, my baby came back in one perfect piece. In fact it felt in better health than ever. The only thing missing? My tank of petrol!



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