the future starts in 2012

Very short post here as I’m just linking to another blog post. It’s all about the Tesla Model S, which along with the Fisker Karma is due to revolutionize the cars that we buy. The Nissan Leaf is already trying that in Europe… but not quite in the same way. The Leaf is not so radical and has a poor range, it’s also small and odd looking. I find it amazing that my Nissan Qashqai beeps like crazy and lights up a bright orange warning light when I get below 100km “range” in my fuel tank, but that is coincidentally the MAXIMUM range the Nissan leaf can ever achieve! Will Nissan fit the same panicky warning light?! Seems such a contradictory statement from the same car company don’t you think?

Here’s the link. (also significant as it’s NOT a car blog, this is read by future car customers!)


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