nice rack

Couple of interesting links for you here- which both go some way to explain the processes and huge amount of work that goes on in the design studios of car manufacturers, yet is rarely seen by the public. The first link shows a fantastic set of snoop photos of GM design studio 1/4 scale models and 1/1 size models in storage and at design reviews. There are a lot of models on the racks! Just one new model can have many design iterations like these (the picture appears to show designs for a saloon and convertible model), and this is the big secret being revealed here: nobody ever gets a design right first time! Great designers are those that iterate a bad design into a good one…

Here’s a similar link to some Mercedes design scale models, but this time they are even more abstract and don’t actually depict realistic designs. These are early prototypes displaying a thought process and attempts to produce new aesthetic directions for vehicle design. As my mentor at Peugeot smartly told me once, “don’t just start by drawing cars! Draw anything!”.

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