star bangled banner

Short but sweet interview with the legendary Chris Bangle. In my opinion this guy is a genius, one of the greatest car designers (even designers) of the 21st century. Arguably his output was so visionary that everyone criticised it heavily, because it was quite literally beyond them- and he became infamous as a result. Looking at the many, many copycat designs (particularly of the 5-series) proves that this guy moved the whole game forward. He apparently allowed designers to break out of tradition, to actually think about what they are designing. He even managed to change the process- or at least get people to think about the process and why they were just blindy sticking to tradition- because “it’s always been done this way”.

InFrame TV link– click me!


2 responses to “star bangled banner”

  1. done! YouTube link replaced with original source.


  2. oh, video no longer available- shame. I’ll try to source it from somewhere- bear with me.


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