opel is cool now?

Just announced: the new Opel Astra. Like the Insignia previously, and in fact the last gen Astra, Opel are showing their hopeless parent company how to design and make great cars. This is good design from GM’s European design studio, led by Mark Adams, nothing too radical or crude, just a quality piece of work that gives an expensive feel to what was once a cheap and rattly run-about for half of Europe. Looking forward to seeing the 3-door, which on the previous gen was a great looking design. A lot of other studios have created similar designs, such as the new Megane range, the Kia Pro_Ceed, and perhaps the originator of the look- the Mazda 3.


3 responses to “opel is cool now?”

  1. Yeah, even if it is a bit bigger, the current one “looks” smaller than my one, probably because the shape tapers inwards more towards the top, where my one bulges outwards more along the doorline and the boot protrudes away from the rear window much more (without giving you much usable extra space in the boot).


  2. This one could be great for a family, its 4.4m long! Thats a big car- for this segment. 150mm longer than the last one, and that was longer than the one you have I think. The current 3 door is one of the best looking cars on sale in my opinion.


  3. I own a 1999 Astra, so I’m now two models out of date! I didn’t like the current one much at first, but it’s grown on me. I’ve been half tempted to splash out on a new VXR a few times, but the practicality of having kids and needing 5 doors has stopped me.

    This 2010 model though looks fairly similar to the current one, though a bit curvier and looks like it’s got a face on the back.


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