finnish fisker

Quite a mouthful that, but this is the awesome 2009 Fisker Karma. An electric plug-in hybrid car that goes on sale in 2009, and will be built by Valmet here in Finland! The factory will lose its current contract building Porsche Boxters and Caymans and swap to making this beauty. This car really fits with Finlands eco image as a nation, and it should also be a major success on pure style alone! The great idea that Henrik Fisker (ex Aston designer who now has his own car company) had here was to aim a hybrid vehicle directly at the Hollywood set that currently buy the pig ugly Toyota Prius, and rather than letting engineering dictate the proportions, he’s used the new technology to allow him to choose his proportions based more on styling alone. Fisker went for a classic long hood, wide body, and low roof, perhaps reminding us of cars the stars drove in Hollywood’s golden ages. The modern twist is the long wheelbase, but those very large wheels try to compensate for the extreme distance between the wheels- as Lamborghini have done with the Estoque saloon. For $80k and no guilt… this will sell well, but lets hope they reach the lofty 15,000 per year target!

production fisker karma front 3/4
production fisker karma front 3/4
production fisker karma rear 3/4
production fisker karma rear 3/4

One response to “finnish fisker”

  1. I like it. Definitely has a bit of Aston Martin in there.


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